Harsing is a hair removing treatment, using a roller or a strip if it concerns larger bodysurfaces, like back, legs and arms.
Waxing is a hair removing treatment using a scoop. In both treatments a sticky substance is being used.
For tender body parts, like bikiniline and privy area, hard wax is being used. This wax only attaches to the hairs, not to the skin. When it has hardened enough, the waxstrip will be removed in one pulling movement.
Soft wax will be used for smaller body surfaces, like face, arm-pits, feet, etc. A thin coating of wax will be placed on the skin and the superfluous hairs will be removed using cotton strips.
If wishing to use Brazilian Wax, your hairs must be at least 0,5 cm in length. In case the length of your hairs is longer than 1,5 cm, we ask you to first cut them shorter before the treatment.
After some 3 - 8 weeks the hairs will have grown longer again and a new treatment may find place.
Before the treatment
  • hairs should be at least 0,5 cm long (not longer than 1,5 cm)
  • don't use any bodylotion
  • do not shave any more from 2 weeks before treatment
  • scrub well 3 days before treatment
After the treatment
  • avoid sun, solarium, hot baths and sauna during the first 48 hours after treatment
  • do not wear tight-fitting clothes (depilated areas)
  • after 48 hours scrub regular to avoid ingrowing of hair
  • till 24 hours after being harsed use neutral products to avoid skin irritation