Wellness massage is a healthy balance between body and mind. Among others it influences a good blood circulation and the functioning of hormones. Muscles will relax because of the long runnings and kneadings. This calming massage offers a restful effect.
Relaxation massage helps to keep your body into balance. It consists of lasting and calm done grips. Because of the increased blood circulation, muscles will be mended and a delicious relaxation feeling exists.
This is a centuries-old medical healing, originated in India. Ayurveda means 'Knowledge of life'. The Ayurvedic bodymassage has different techniques and is pleasant, relaxing, gives extra energy, removes toxines from the body and improves the blood circulation. It offers a feeling of deep relaxation.
Indian headmassage is a traditional sitting massage technique, originated in Indian Ayurvedic medical healing. Ayurveda is a centuries-old healing from India. Ayurveda means 'Knowledge of life'. Our energy is concentrated in our head, neck, shoulders and back. By being sitted, this treatment technique runs the blockades and stimulates the streaming of energy in your body. This massage is a rest giving technique.
There also exists the possibility of a combined bodymassage.
Connective tissue massage is applicated on the connective tissue layer. This is the layer between the skin and the muscles. Connective tissue massage is a reflex zone massage. Its mechanical stimulus in the underskin connnective tissue influences the neurogene interaction between inner organs and the bodysurface's tissues.
By smooth touches and rolling, the skin bodyzones are stimulated together with the connective tissue and the organ. Blockades will disappear. Blood circulation improves and toxines will be removed faster.
Because this treatment might be found out as painful, relaxation techniques shall be used during this treatment.
Cupping massage is a Chinese originated, very deepgoing massage technique, using cups that are placed on painful or sticking zones. The skin is being sucked vacuum and will slightly be lifted. The cup is being moved tenderly on the skin. A good blood circulation will be the result and the body will drain toxines much more easy.
After this massage your body and mind will feel much better and fitter.
This massage is recommended in case of:
  • shoulder- and neck complaints
  • stress
  • migraine
  • back complaints
This massage is a very intensive technique. It directs to the skin's possibility to recover, by which the condition of the skin improves. Bodymoisture accumilations can be remedied and blood circulation in the connective tissue will be activated. By this, collagene and elastine tissues will be stimulated, wrinkles and scars will fade. Your skin feels smoother, firmer and you look younger.
By using the cups, bodymoisture is drained and fat in tissues and fatcells disappears. This is also a good remedy against cellulitis.
The special cups take care of an optimal stimulation of the skin and the underlying tissues (leatherskin and underlying connective tissue). It gives a relaxed, deep and comfortable massage, stimulating the blood circulation and removing dead skincells. Your skin becomes firmer, smoother and more elastic.
This is a facial treatment, purely to relax after a busy and intensive day or to just enjoy a nice facial treatment.
PURE SANA does not make use of skin analyses. In case of doubting about using one of the treatments, related to the possibility of damaging your own body or skin, PURE SANA advises you first to contact your family doctor/medical specialist before arranging a treatment.